Anna Ascani signed the Manifesto of Mediterranean Civilization

On Wednesday 20th, Anna Ascani, Member of Italian Parliament, signed the Manifesto of Mediterranean Civilization, during an official ceremony at Chamber of Deputies.

It has represented an important sign of support to IASEM for the network of Mediterranean integration. IASEM, in fact, is continuosly promoting the network of MCH – Mediterranean Common House and the Manifesto of the Mediterranean Civilization, as the document of values on which the network’s activity is based.

The MCH, during last year, has concluded the adhesion of 16 Partner from 12 countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Montenegro, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore and Romania).

The network has officially been presented at the European Parliament in Bruxelles on 21st April 2015 and, in this way, several projects of cooperation have started, in order to promote the fundamental values illustrated inside the Manifesto of Mediterranean Civilization. This document has been presented to be signed by 100 authorities and intellectuals all over the 8world.

The signature by Anna Ascani follows the ratification by Hans-Gert Pöttering,the President of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and by Gianni Pittella, the President of S&D Group inside the European Parliament, together with Victor Boştinaru and Antonio Panzeri’s signatures (they are both two Members of European Parliament).

During her speech, Ascani has underlined the value of the committment in the improvement of the Mediterranean integration, and, as member of the Culture, Science and Education Committee, she has exposed her empathy for the values from the Manifesto, thus underling the duty of next generations as leaders which could promote the dialogue and the integration.

Giuseppe Papaleo, the IASEM President, has spoken about the need to give an efficient political reply to the difficult conditions of the crisis in the Mediterranean, underling also the responsabilities of all the actors in the political Euro-Mediterranean scenario, and proposing a wider cooperation in the creation of a Mediterranean Common House.

Il Presidente dello IASEM, l’Ing. Giuseppe Papaleo, ha parlato della necessità di dare una risposta politica convincente alle gravi condizioni di crisi a cui il Mediterraneo è sottoposto, sottolineando la responsabilità di tutti gli attori dello scenario politico euro-mediterraneo e proponendo una cooperazione ampia nella creazione di una Casa Comune Mediterranea.

16The conference has been concluded with the official signature of the Manifesto of the Mediterranean Civilization by Anna Ascani.

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