IMG_20180306_170910In the framework of the MCH business programme, IASEM Institute promoted a business trip to Casablanca (Morocco) last March 5th-9th.
For almost 10 years, IASEM makes his own expertise and network available to entrepreneurs who want to start an internationalization process in the Mediterranean Area, with the belief that trade is one of the most powerful mechanism of international cooperation, the exchange of ideas and dialogue among cultures.
In this perspective, IASEM sustained the Falegnameria Reale business trip to Casablanca. Reale is an Italian woodworking company, in which the commitment and professionalism of the artisans join a continuous technological upgrade (

IMG_20180308_173922 IMG_20180308_174540

Scientific Coordinator of IASEM, Pierpaolo Grezzi, accompanied the Company CEO Antonio Reale in a five days trip, during which the delegation met the General Consul of Italy in Casablanca, Pier Luigi Gentile, and the Director of ITA – Italian Trade Agency, Giovanni Bifulco. Furthermore, thanks to the cooperation and support of Italian Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (in particular the office of Dr. Giovanna Perrotta), a series of specific business meetings have been arranged. The Company met some of the most renowned architectural firms in Casablanca and Rabat (as Archiline, D.P.L.G., D.E.S.A) in addition to contractors and furniture and wood manufacturers.
All the meetings were very productive and they have opened new occasion of collaboration to Reale brand.

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