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INTERVIEW TO PROF. GIANLUCA PASTORI T-M: Prof. Pastori, Paris massacre had an extraordinary impact on public opinion in Europe and in the World. For some aspect, the emotional reaction could be considered similar to September 11 one. Do you see some similarities between these two events? GP: Despite the impact that the Paris massacre has […]


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5. approfondimento

Cultural Brief MODERN FUNDAMENTALISM : CONSIDERATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT by Pierpaolo Grezzi On October 2014, I was invited by the Department of Philosophy of University of Rome “La Sapienza” to give a series of lectures on “Theoretical Roots of Islamic Fundamentalism”, with the aim to give to students some interpretative instruments to decode the phenomenon. I […]

Essay on Arabic Philosophy Lexicography

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4. libro.

Essay on Arabic Philosophy Lexicography By Mauro Zonta We would like to recommend a precious essay on the development of philosophical lexicon in Arab world. On June 2014, Prof. Mauro Zonta published in Italy his work entitled “Saggio di lessicografia filosofica araba” (Paideia), in which he demonstrates as many terms of medieval Arabic philosophy, later […]


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Overlooking the Aegean Sea, Yaşar University is prestigious international Turkish university, located in Bornova, student district of Izmir. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate level programs in both, Turkish and English languages, welcoming students from all around the World. The Selçuk Yaşar Bornova Campus was opened in 2008 and provides any facilities for students, from dormitories […]

LEADER By Giuseppe Papaleo

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2. Leaders

MEDITERRANEAN EXPERIENCE By Giuseppe Papaleo President of IASEM When the editorial staff asked me to write the first leader of Think-Med web portal I immediately reminded many experiences lived throughout the Mediterranean, right those experiences which moved to the idea of MCH – Mediterranean Common House network, of which represents the official voice. Frankly […]