News from Summer School in Euro Mediterranean Strategies, Maratea.

12049280_10205272174152183_6993585496166230650_nMaratea, 24 Sept. 2015 – Summer School in Euro Mediterranean Strategies 2015 lessons began. The opening session was held by Prof. Gianluca Pastori  Full Professor at Catholic University of Sacred Hearth of Milan. The lecture analysed Italian foreign policy in the Mediterranean with an historical perspective, from unification till now, examining the development of the international relations in the Mediterranean through last century, paying particular attention to last decades.

The course continued with the presentation of Prof. Najib Mokhtari, on the topic of political, economic and cultural position of Morocco in Mediterranean basin. Prof. Mokhtari is Associate Professor at Université International de Rabat, and his lecture presented modern Morrocco approach to most relevant matters in culture and politics, emphasizing the complexity of the Country role respect to inner social structure and to International scenario as well.


After lunch, Alice Giorgio and Angelo Bencivenga spoke about sustainable tourism in Basilicata. They are researchers at FEEM – Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, involved in research projects focused on development strategies for sustainable tourism. They presented study cases, in particular on the impact of movie industry on local tourism.

During the sessions, participants developed a deep debate, making questions to relators and sharing ideas.


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