Summer School on “Regional and Global Impact Crisis”, Cluj Napoca (Romania)

IMG_20160714_102742Cluj Napoca, 17.07.2016 – From July 11th to 15th International Summer School on “Regional and Global Impact Crisis – Paridigm Schifting” has been held in Cluj Napoca, Romania. The Summer School was a project promoted by MEPEI – Middle East Political and Economic Institute and University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj, with the sponsorship of Antico-Balasoiu.
MEPEI is one of the member of MCH network and it is very proactive in promoting training and cooperation projects, as well as international cultural exchanges, with a special focus on relationships with Balkans and Iran.
On the path of this effort, International Summer School 2016 has been an occasion of discussion about the most relevant geopolitical issues afflicting these areas. Experts from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Italy, Iran presented papers and shared their experiences with young participants from different Countries.

IMG_20160714_102803On Thursday 14 July, President of IASEM, Giuseppe Papaleo had a presentation on Mediterranean Area Security Strategy. He spoke about the possibility of implementation of dialogue and democratization process from the bottom and presented the experience of MCH – Mediterranean Common House Network.

In the afternoon, Scientific Coordinator of IASEM, Pierpaolo Grezzi, gave a lecture on “Neuropolitics categories applied to global strategies”, presenting a trans-disciplinary approach applying findings developed in the field of Neurosciences, and in general in human mind research, to international relations, in order to decode international scenarios.

These days in Cluj were very fruitful to increase cooperation within the MCH network and preparing new cooperation programmes, involving Eastern Europe and Balkans (for instance the official presentation of MCH to REACT 2016 – Cetine, Montenegro).


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